About Us

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Tolentino Travels is the leading luxury travel brand focused in creating innovative concepts through experiential travel. We strive to execute uniquely designed and curated experiences with a collaborative mindset, while evolving with the ever-changing travel industry, bringing top notch visions to life. We believe in having impeccable standards of attention to detail, and are proud to work with the best in the industry to fulfill our guests with over the top guest satisfaction.

After years of representing Chambers of Commerce, Universities, and other leading organizations in both the U.S. and Latin
America, it was time to take my experience and expertise in luxury travel, marketing, and brand development to new heights.
Living abroad for a few years reignited my love of internationalism and am proud to continue collaborating with fellow industry
leaders to not only bring the finest in concept development, products, and experiential marketing, but elevate the norm.

Tolentino Travels is not only a brand, but a lifestyle- we have hand crafted and curated each experience to awaken the spark in
all of us that craves something magnificent. Every experience is different but dynamic, including authentically upscale cuisine,
hospitality, transportation, cultural tours, celebrations, and thematic personalized details. From the majestic sound of church
bells ringing through the streets, to the last savory bite of your Chile en Nogada at dinner, the time to enrich your senses is
now. Join us, the best is yet to come!

Cassandra Tolentino

(Founder / CEO, Tolentino Travels) Instagram: @Cass_Tolentino